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Creature Curriculum

What is it all about?

This year the children in Year 3 have the exciting opportunity of taking part in a hands-on Creature Curriculum project called ‘Bread and Butter Days’. Over the year, the children will be visited by a skilled farmer from Buckinghamshire and a special visitor (a dairy cow), to help produce their own bread and butter. The children will be doing all the work from digging their own seed bed, harvesting the wheat to milking a cow for their butter!

Please follow us on our journey…

Day 1

29th September 2015 - Our first session with Farmer Liam was most exciting! We started the day with an assembly, followed by a classroom based session where the children set up an investigation to observe the germination of wheat seeds. They are growing fast! We then worked very hard in the afternoon to begin to create our seed bed. The children all worked safely with the farmer’s tools, went on a creepy crawly hunt and studied the layers of the soil.


Day 2

13th October 2015 – Farmer Liam was impressed with the learning they have done in school since his previous visit. Lots of children have taken it upon themselves to do research at home and then share with the class. In this second session the children potted their wheat seeds which had germinated in the classroom. They also worked really hard to break down the soil in our seed bed in preparation to plant the seeds in session 3.


Day 3

19th October 2015– Today the children have carefully planted the wheat seeds in the seed bed. It has also been protected with netting to avoid small creatures nibbling away at it as it grows. Now we hope to see the seeds germinate and start growing within the next few weeks. We will be measure its growth, the rainfall and temperature on a weekly basis.



Day 4 –

10th December 2015 – Farmer Liam was very impressed today with the progress of our scrap books, he liked the drawings of the lifecycle of wheat which included a lot of scientific words. The wheat is also growing at a steady rate and has now reached a height of 165mm. Still a way to go before we harvest it!


We are recording its growth on a weekly basis and you will soon be able to see its progress on the entrance display by reception. Please come and have a look!