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Residential Trips

At Faringdon Junior School we enrich the curriculum by planning additional activities.  There are many ways we do this.  One of them is to provide a range of visits.

This program includes a three day residential visit for Year 5 children to Hill End near Oxford.  This visit uses the site to enrich the curriculum using the extensive grounds.  There is an environmental link to this visit as well as developing personal, social and citizenship education.

The Year 6 residential visit builds on the Year 5 visit.  The visit is four days long and is based on adventurous activities.  Children face active challenges to stretch their abilities in a safe environment.  We use a company called Manor Adventure who provide the trained instructors and specialist equipment for the week.

This program of residential visits builds upon the Faringdon Infant School visits and feeds into the program at Faringdon Community College.

If your child requires ongoing medication to be administered during the trips, staff are happy to manage this providing you have given your permission on the attached form.


Year 5 Residential

The Year 5 residential to Hill End will be held in June 2017 - dates to be confirmed.  The cost of the trip is TBC and may be paid in instalments.

For the year 5 kit list, please click here.


Year 6 Residential

The Year 6 residential to Culmington Manor in Shropshire will be held on 7 to 10 July 2017.  The cost of the trip is £220 which is to be paid via Parent Pay and can be paid in instalments, with the full balance to be paid by 1st April 2017.

A parents' information meeting is being held on Tuesday 18th October at 5.30pm.  For a copy of the presentation please click /downloads/culmington-presentation-for-parents.pdf

For the year 6 kit list, please click /downloads/kit-list-2017.docx


Photos of last year's residential trips are available to view on the gallery page.