Faringdon Junior School

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Faringdon Academy of Schools (FAoS)

Faringdon Junior School is a partner in the Faringdon Academy of Schools (FAoS).  The Academy includes the three Faringdon schools: Faringdon Infant School, Faringdon Junior School and Faringdon Community College plus the following schools from the surrounding villages: Watchfield, Shrivenham, Longcot & Fernham, Buckland and John Blandy.


FAoS Vision Statement

The Faringdon Academy of Schools will create a seamless educational experience for our students across all key stages to develop responsible, capable and confident young people who are active citizens in the 21st Century.  We will achieve outstanding progression and maximise pupil achievement in all Academy schools through a rich and motivating curriculum.  The Academy will be recognized by our staff, parents and the local community as providers of a safe, creative and ethical environment reinforced by a vibrant Community Dimension.  Overall, we will ensure that the Academy proactively adds value to each partner school so that the sum is always greater than the individual parts.

To view the FAoS website please click here.

The Academy have produced a set of FAQs in response to concerns over school places, given the growth in housing developments in and around Faringdon. For more information please click here.

The Academy have produced their Highlights of 2015-16 brochure, showing all the excellent work that has taken place in the Academy schools this year.